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Drupal Developer

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Drupal Developer
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location  St. Paul, MN
duration  2.0 Months
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Industry  Government - State
Job Description

Description :

The client is seeking a vendor to design wireframes and build a new public-facing website using Drupal .
This project will include collaborating with the client staff on a redesign concept and content strategy, new information architecture and wireframe development, development of the new website, and completion of usability testing of the new website prior to launch.
The client also requests a content management system (CMS) that will allow staff to manage the site after the launch.
This project will build upon current UX testing/pre-planning that is underway.

High Level Project Expectations

Provide a standard scripted build and deployable solution and document as a readme file.
Architecture design needs to be reviewed and approved by the client architecture group.
Solution must meet the client security and accessibility standards.
Utilize Agile practices with sprints, milestones, unit testing, and demos.
Solution must pass the client end user acceptance testing.

Duties Related to the Completion of the Deliverables

The vendor will perform the following non-exhaustive list of duties as part of completing the deliverables:

Participate in meetings with the client technical team as needed to address any technical issues that arise.
Work with the client Project Manager to review and understand the business requirements and attend business requirements sessions as requested.
Work with the client project manager to estimate and communicate work effort and communicate any anticipated variances to the estimates that would impact the budget and schedule.
Provide status updates on at least a weekly basis to the client project manager and attend scheduled status meetings.
Communicate variations from specifications to the client project manager and the client technical lead.
Provide code scripts for deployment by the client .
Write code in adherence with standard architecture and functional requirements specifications.
Create system support documents.
Remediate issues that result from the client Accessibility and Security teams’ scans.
Complete code reviews and quickly remediate issues found in the reviews prior to deployment to test environment.
Perform unit and integration testing.
Ensure product in test environment is working prior to migration to production.
Perform impact analyses for issues and changes.
Perform demonstrations of system functionality.


Deliverable 1: Design and User Experience

Develop a conceptual design (wireframes) :

Is based on user needs and web design best practices already in work with the client and will be provided by the UI/UX contractor.
Includes responsive design layouts and page templates that meet the client branding requirements.
Adheres to the client web standards and the client Accessibility standards.
Covers all aspects in the current site but will be designed to scale for new and anticipated growth of information, services, and e-government functions.
Encourages public engagement through social media or other approaches of interactivity with our audiences.
Is visually appealing with a mix of text, photos, and graphics.
Is compatible with current versions of major browsers and acceptably compatible with mobile devices and various desktop monitor sizes and resolutions.
Develop three versions of mock-up wireframes for the client main website homepage.
Develop three versions of mock-up wireframes for the following: second-level page, subsite homepage, internal content page and search results page.
Develop a conceptual design for each level of site navigation.
Second-level page, subsite homepage, internal content page, and search results page.
Conduct usability tests on conceptual design with representative user groups provided by the client .
Produce a website prototype.
Develop a website design style guide which includes annotated and custom markup for accessibility
Provide all production and design files (mockups) delivered as layered Photoshop files.
Compile a list of optional/modular features such as calendaring and plug-ins (social media, etc.).

Deliverable 2: Project Administration

Provide a detailed project plan and timeline with weekly reports to the client.
Provide documented rights of ownership of all deliverables to the client.
Work with the client technical lead to provide an implementation plan.

Deliverable 3: Build and Deploy

The contractor shall propose a process for automating/easing content migration, e.g. scripts to export content from Cold Fusion and move to a new Drupal CMS. Process should support written text, photography, video, Power BI charts and graphs and SEO (page titles, meta descriptions, etc.)
Design should follow the client style guidelines.
Assist with deploying any redirects.
Develop wireframes that detail content structure for each webpage type.
Develop conceptual designs to accommodate different styles of website pages for consideration by the client (including two rounds of revisions for the selected design).

Designs should include:

Interior landing page (secondary)
Internal content page (tertiary)
There are pages with specific layout and functional needs to be determined, but are expected to include the following:
Newsroom landing page
News and/or feature story page
Data presentation page (incorporating Tableau reports)
Standardized grant and scholarship pages
Directory page
Events/training/calendar page
Newsletter display and sign-up
School licensure and registration
Consumer information
Investors financial reporting
Organized system for publishing legislative data reports
Various applications and forms
Special Programs with specific page needs:
The client Dream Act
Research, Data and Reports
Educational Attainment Goal
North client Promise Scholarship Program
P-20 Educational Partnership
Native integration of APIs (e.g., social channels: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.). the client primarily uses YouTube for videos but also has access to Vimeo.
Technical implementation and integration of design templates, modules, and components/widgets while including digital accessibility throughout all aspects of design and implementation.
Design and implement a Content Management System (CMS)
Provide assistance with and documentation of the development of editorial workflows, approval workflows, and site permissions.
Static HTML and CSS files as well as templates (headers and footers) used for reskinning third party sites and services.
Set up site search and search templates.

Deliverable 4: Information Architecture Document
Information Architecture focuses on organizing, structuring, and labeling content in an effective and sustainable way. The goal is to help users find information and complete tasks. To do this, the contractor will need to understand how the pieces fit together to create the larger picture, and how items relate to each other within the system. Contractor will create an Information Architecture document to identify how the site should be structured, what kind of content it should host, and how to accommodate future growth and change.
Provide code and place in the client Git Hub repository
Provide IT documentation on architecture

Deliverable 5: Testing

Perform UX testing on the website design(s).
Perform at least three functional testing and quality assurance reviews to ensure that all aspects of the website comply with the wireframes and design standards.
Testing will include a variety of browsers:
Conduct two separate accessibility tests to ensure new designs across the entire client website comply with the client Accessibility Standards (including current 508 and WCAG A and AA compliance standards and requirements) and remediate issues found during testing.

Deliverable 6: Training

Training Guides
Create a site management guide and CMS editor documentation, and conduct knowledge transfer training to designated the client staff including migration assistance.
CMS content editor guide documentation detailing:
The style guide
Content entry
Content items
Virtual Training
Two days of live (virtual) training detailing:
Site structure
Security and permissions
Management and monitoring tools
½ to 1 day live (virtual) training and knowledge transfer detailing:
CMS content editor training
Site maintenance training
Site build knowledge transfer
All training should also include short videos organized into task-specific snippets.
All training materials must be ADA compliant

Deliverable 7: Deployment

Deploy the new client website to production and provide stabilization support.
Launch website
Post-launch support for two months:
Online tickets
Any security updates as needed by Drupal
Automatic upgrades
Review for compliance with the client Accessibility standards

Other: Support

Anticipated support would include creating/modifying pages, bug fixes, enhancements.
This would be in addition to general support of break fixes for the one year of support.

Desired Qualifications

Minimum of five (5) years’ experience designing and implementing Drupal websites

Note :

The work is expected to be done remotely.
VIVA is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants have an equal opportunity for placement, and all employees have an equal opportunity to develop on the job. This means that VIVA will not discriminate against any employee or qualified applicant on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status

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