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IT Customer Support Team Lead

Reference Number: RKNDIC970

IT Customer Support Team Lead
experience  Not Disclosed
location  Minot, ND
duration  7.0 Months
salary  Not Disclosed
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Industry  Consulting
Job Description

Description :

Service Delivery :

Manage/Coordinate Service Delivery

Oversee the delivery of services to the asset; Work with local Asset IT manager to ensure asset needs are met.

Deskside support

Manage onsite deskside service delivery resources to provide an enhanced service experience to the producing assets. Ensure adequete staffing is available to help customers to get back to their tasks minimizing any impact from IT challenges. Manage white glove services are extended to key user groups (VIPs). Devices in-scope includes: Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Hotspots, Phones, Desktop Peripherals, other Mobile Devices, AV Equipment

**This is a working lead position, and will require encumbent to be able to complete any deskside task to ensure coverage at all times.

AV support for events

Understand setup and troubleshooting of AV systems within the asset; assist events and production needs. Ensure offshore locations have a working setup to participate in the large events and validate connectivity & performance prior to the event; assist with local events and production needs

Hardware installation and oversight

Ensure all work is completed in a safe manner, to include job safety analysis (JSA) and proper tools are used. Partner with facilities to assist with hardware installations as required (mounting monitors for AV or visual displays, etc).

Other technical services

Coordinate with other technical service delivery verticals like network, server, storage, etc. and deliver seamless service delivery experience

Security related services

Partner with central security delivery lead and coordinate/help asset level local support as needed to meet cyber needs (Anti-virus updates, patches, deeper support for CIR etc)

Hardware management

Lead Inventory management process, orders processing, receipt, storage, disposal, etc

Equipment stock management & support

Equipment availability at each site for quick turnarounds, maintain availability list

Service Management :

Incident management

Continue to push team for tickets – even when user is not entering to ensure work and data is captured to foster overall awareness of outages and impacts

Escalation management

Ensure team is reporting hotspots/escalations in the daily standup call and central teams for awareness and global resolution. Provide adequate support to help manage escalations that gets reported on the asset and partner with other delivery leads for timely resolution.

Request management

Help channel the requests that comes through and make it visible to the local Asset IT team to advance as projects or BAU delivery

KB management

Work with central and Asset teams on KBs, updates, new adds, etc and manage Asset specific KB content

Change management

Attend CAB meetings to be aware of changes that will be impacting the assets and bring visibility to local Asset IT team for awareness and communication to business leadership team/user base as appropriate. Extend any local help required and coordinate with virtical service leads to plan and implement the changes (locally as needed) without impacting business

SLA management

Be fully aware of the SLA metrics and ensure compliance to agreed upon SLAs/KPIs

Elevated business support

Coordinate with central service management team (EBS team) to plan and deliver elevated business support for business critical activities

Service Performance :

Monitor Service Performance

Develop dashboards/metric/reports that can help highlight value of IT work delivered for the asset by partnering with central service management team and Asset IT managers

Team Management :

eadership & HR support

Manage resources, provide support and awareness on how to navigate the multiple contract vendors of team; keep the team morale high and delivering services at the highest level. Reward & recognize team performance accordingly and provide visibility to client leadership team

Team building & development

Foster team mindset & collaborate closely with central teams and other asset support leads to bring synergy

Resource onboarding Offboarding

Work with local Asset IT managers to coordinate the resource onboarding schedules and training.
- General Accenture onboarding
- General welcome to client onboarding (including overall client assets, locations, business operations etc)
- Role specific training (Technical skills)
- Asset specific training (To be coordinated with client Asset IT managers)
- Asset specific mandatory certifications (Ensure appropriate certifications are in place and maintained on an ongoing basis to be compliant)

Develop and maintain onboarding/offboarding procedure, checklist etc for managing resource changes. This is a pain point and needs to be significantly improved
Ensure enough KT and shadown/reverse shadow processes are enforced

Resource Time management

Ensure time entry is made accurately & timely by following appropriate processes

Work Management :

Work Assignment & Work Management

Oversee the deskside support function, ensuring services are delivered efficiently, on time, and meet the expectations of clients or stakeholders
Monitor ticket queues and team performance regularly and adjust as needed
Utilize DevOps principles and practices to efficiently handle non-ticketed or process enhancement initiatives.

Manage work schedule

Work with team to schedule members at various sites (as needed) around asset locations, ensuring availability in key locations, coverage for any large events, asset needs, or project support/awareness and training for support

Processes & Continuous Improvement :

Process alignment & enforcement

Ensure standardized processes are adopted throughout delivery of service (i.e. Tickets, Tasks, Inventory, Legal Hold). Ensure teams are also utilizing standard ITSM catalog (Incident management, change management, problem management, service management)

Continuous process improvement

Identify areas for improvement , work on enhancing the processes with standardization across central and cross asset needs and help remove waste
- Use feedback from end-users, stakeholders, and team members to drive decisions about process improvements.
- Embrace a data-driven approach to prioritize enhancements that have the most significant impact.

Process alignment & Training

Follow Standard processes / work instructions to improve collaboration with central deskside team. Ensure team is working in standard manner following established processes with other deskside teams as appropriate. Train the team and ensure standard working among global deskside, helpdesk and RTS teams where appropriate.

Relationship Management :

Relationship with Asset IT

Maintain positive relations with Asset IT and ensure needs are met; responding to inquires and concerns.

Customer Experience :

User Experience

Enhancing the customer experience would involve a combination of technical competence, effective communication, and a proactive approach to addressing employees's needs
- Implement efficient issue resolution processes to reduce wait times and resolve problems promptly.
- Consistently meet or exceed established SLAs to instill confidence in the IT support team.
- Communicate service status updates, maintenance schedules, and known issues transparently.
- Use email notifications, intranet announcements, or internal messaging tools with the help of locat Asset IT team to keep employees informed.
- Train support staff to be empathetic and understanding when dealing with employee issues.
- Acknowledge the impact of technical problems on employees' work and productivity.

Skills Required :

Leadership Skills

Decision-Making: Strong decision-making skills to make informed choices and prioritize tasks effectively.
Team Building: Building and maintaining a high-performing team by fostering collaboration, trust, and motivation.
Conflict Resolution: Skill in resolving conflicts and disputes within the team or with users.

Customer centric approach

Customer Relationship Management: Building and maintaining strong relationships with customer and stakeholders.
Customer Advocacy: A focus on understanding and representing the needs and expectations of user base.
Communication: Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, to interact effectively with customers.

Technical knowledge

Strong ITSM (SNOW) knowledge and processes expertise
Technical Knowledge: Understanding of the technical aspects of the services being delivered.
IT Infrastructure: Knowledge of IT infrastructure components and technologies.
Security Awareness: An understanding of security practices and the ability to ensure that services meet security requirements
Strong domain knowledge is essential to succeed in this role. Good understanding of O&G business and especially the client line of business will be a huge benefit.

Service Management knowledge

Service Level Management: Understanding and managing service level agreements (SLAs) and ensuring service quality.
Incident and Problem Management: Expertise in handling incidents, problems, and escalations effectively.
Process Improvement: Knowledge of process improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma or ITIL to enhance service efficiency

Training & skill development

Individual would need to be trained/knowledgeable of all local deskside team tasks and processes to be able to assist user, provide backfill for any members and able to train any new deskside techs


Analyze complex situations, identify problems, propose solutions and quickly make decisions to address service-related challenges

Adaptability & Innovation

Adaptability: The capability to adapt to changing technologies, customer needs, and market trends.
Innovation: Encouraging and driving innovative solutions to improve service delivery.

Note :

100% Onsite
VIVA is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants have an equal opportunity for placement, and all employees have an equal opportunity to develop on the job. This means that VIVA will not discriminate against any employee or qualified applicant on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status

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